Frank Ocean has been speaking to the Guardian about his recent decision to open up about his sexuality saying it was like lifting "a boulder off my chest.'

The comments follow on from Ocean's decision to post a letter on tumblr in which he admits to having fallen in love for the first time with a man and the release of his debut album, Channel Orange, which debuted at number 2 in the UK album chart last week.

The R&B star explained his decision was "about my own sanity and my ability to feel like I'm living a life where … I'm happy when I wake up in the morning, and not with this freakin' boulder on my chest" as well as identifying an altruistic element, "I wished at 13 there was somebody I looked up to who would have said something like that, who would have been transparent in that way."

The interview can be read in full in this Saturday's edition of the Guardian Guide.

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