As widely reported yesterday, Chris Brown, or more precisely Chris Brown's fists, have got him in trouble once again. This time however it was rival R&B crooner Frank Ocean who was tangled up in a fight with the singer.

Ocean apparently refused to shake hands with Brown leading to the latter allegedly starting the brawl in the car park outside the studio where both artists were due to be recording. The fight continued into the reception of the main building where a witness claimed the pair "managed to break almost everything in the room and scare all of the staff members working."

Brown fled after the police were called by the receptionist while Odd Future member Ocean waited in order to tell authorities his side of the events and press charges. The Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s spokesperson Steve Whitmore said, "Of course, we are going to investigate. It is our understanding it does not rise to the level of an alleged assault. As a matter of fact, it could be a minor scuffle over a parking spot."

Chris Brown served a custodial sentence in 2009 following his attack on Rihanna. He also got into a scrap with rapper Drake last summer.