Frankie Cosmos have steadily risen in prominence through their last couple of releases, as they're chock-full of absolutely loveable indie rock poetry and keen lyricism. This has caught the attention of the storied label Sub Pop, who have snapped up the band for the release of their next album Vessel, which comes out on March 30th.

The first sample of Vessel comes in the shape of 'Jesse', where singer Greta Kline lets us into her animated inner-musings. Through her descriptive and delicate imagery she takes us into her psyche, where she is clearly out of place and floating in the world. Despite the song's slight sub-3-minute run time, Frankie Cosmos run through a few different varying styles, moods and melodies, each emboldening our singer's shifting subconsciousness, until she finally admits "I'd like to be a shadow."

Listen to 'Jesse' below.