Greta Kline, aka Frankie Cosmos, has recently unveiled a video for 'Young' - a track from her most recent album Next Thing.

The video was directed by Eliza Doyle, who described it as being "about star quality in its various forms - and how it translates from person to person, generation to generation."

In an email to The 405, Kline had this to say about the video: "I thought it would be fun to have a video that was sparkly and glamorous for 'Young', which for me meant that I wouldn't be the star of the video. My friend Eliza was doing some video work with this mother and daughter Bambi and Kendall, and thought they would be cool performing the song. We also shot a bunch of my 4-year-old friend Zazie singing 'Young', because she also has a certain star quality that I wish I could possess. For me, the video turned out to be an interesting new look at my own very personal pop song."

Watch the video below.