Croydon’s Frauds occupy a space all to themselves: the duo bring powerful no-nonsense riffs and drum pummeling which is offset with biting humour, a penchant for the absurd and a refreshing sense of self-awareness. It’s the sort of combination that Mclusky/Future of the Left fans would feel right at home with and dashes any digestible preconceptions of what a two-piece are supposed to be.

Following support from Jamie Lenman (ex-Reuben, now do excellent solo stuff) - including a tip on this very site - and having also supported Future of the Left, the two-piece released their first cracking LP - With Morning Toast & Jam & Juice - at the tail end end of 2017.

Guitarist Mikey Alvarez is capable of filling every available frequency with a crushing bass-led chug, as well as building layer upon layer of uncomfortable loops on album opener ‘Let’s Find Out’. Behind the kit, Chris Francombe - who splits vocal duties with Alvarez - enjoys his finest moment on album highlight ‘Suck Jobs’ by repeating the sort of inane drivel you might hear from pissed up lads on depressing stag do’s (“they have it all mate, in Prague!”) until any sense of meaning is completely lost in rising screams. It’s kind of like those moments in Fawlty Towers when Basil Fawlty snaps and goes completely apeshit. The anger threatens to take over, but the biting putdowns still ring out loud and clear.

To celebrate the recent release of With Morning Juice & Jam & Juice, FRAUDS are co-headlining a tour with fellow duo, brothers-in-arms, and equally excellent JOHN. Go and see them on the following dates:

  • 01/02/18 - Birmingham, Wagon & Horses
  • 02/02/18 - Bristol, Mother's Ruin
  • 03/02/18 - Cardiff, The Moon Club
  • 08/02/18 - Edinburgh, The Mash House
  • 09/02/18 - Manchester, The Peer Hat
  • 10/02/18 - Birmingham, Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
  • 14/02/18 - Oxford, The Cellar (JOHN only)
  • 17/02/18 - London, The Lock Tavern