Vinyl collectors who love fictional bands from Saturday Night Live is totally a market that exists, right? Well, Fred Armisen thinks so, as he'll be releasing a series of 7" featuring the faux bands he's been in throughout his time on the comedy show. The releases will be called Hometown Heroes and are dropping on 18 February via Drag City. The first one out will be of The Blue Jean Committee's 'Massachusetts Afternoon' on one side, with the Fingerlings' 'Embrace Me' on the other.

Drag City have quite a thing for novelty bands, as they've already pressed a 7" featuring Dave Grohl and Ashton Kutcher's fake 80's hardcore band Crisis of Conformity. They seem to really be fond of these new releases too, as the press release lovingly gives a beautiful description of these bands that aren't even real, saying about The Blue Jean Committee:

"The first in this series is a split featuring two distinctly different artists. The Blue Jean Committee were the proud products of the late 70′s Northampton, Massachusetts music scene. Comprised of some of the most sought after local session musicians, the group was most defined by Richie Cornish’s busy talk-singing lyrical style. The gently soulful “Massachusetts Afternoon” celebrates the time in ones life when independence, friendships, and the autumn sunset seem to go on forever."

Watch The Blue Jean Committee in action below.