Dubbed on several occasions as the 'male Lana Del Rey', Freddie Dickson has put out another track, 'The End', confirming this comparison once more. "I don't wanna play your games no more, I’m just about sick of it all," perhaps he shouldn’t be singing about playing games if he wanted veer away from the Lana likeness. But, it's not a bad comparison at all, the West Londoner stands out from other male artists through his constant, graceful stream of emotional words for example, "Do you still love me or should I just walk away?"

With a clear guitar, married with a subtle exploding beat and an unnerving synth presence underfoot, the cinematic foundation for the vocal is enough to mesmerise alone. 'The End' is another gleaming track from Dickson, and will feature on his debut four-track EP, Shut Us Down, released on 20th May.

Listen to the track by heading here.