Arca must be verrry busy these days – on top of creating music for himself, he's worked with Kanye West, FKA Twigs, will be working with Björk, and apparently isn't adverse to doing a little bit of soundtracking for fashion shows. Yesterday (14th Jan) saw label Hood By Air show their Fall/Winter '15/16 collection at Pitti Uomo 87, a fashion trade show that goes down every year in Florence, Italy.

But the music at the show, created specifically for the show itself, was a new 11-track collection of original songs crafted by Arca, entitled Sheep. Perhaps this is a reference to trends and their followers, perhaps not. What is evident, however, is that this 16 minutes' worth of music is very reflective of the dystopian cyberpunk look that Hood By Air seem to have gone with at their show (check it out for yourself over at

As one commenter, London producer Cholombian, put it, Sheep is "Like being punched in the stomach repeatedly and coming back expecting cuddles." Well, yes. Listen below and download for freeeeeeeeeee!!! (There's also a tracklist).

  • Sheep (Hood By Air FW15) tracklist:
  • 1. Mothered
  • 2. Pity
  • 3. Drowning
  • 4. En
  • 5. Faggot
  • 6. Submissive
  • 7. Umbilical
  • 8. Hymn
  • 9. Don't / Else
  • 10. At Last I Am Free (interlude)
  • 11. Immortal