"As of August 21st 2018, The Bank of will be open to the public," announces the press release for the new East London project consisting of four enthusiastic young men; "Here at The Bank of Free Money we have three core values – Joy, Acceptance and Optimism." It's a bold opening gambit from Free Money, but it's an attitude that's backed up by their boastful new track 'Up In The Sky'.

It only takes a few seconds' introduction before Free Money hammer their way into your eardrums with explosive guitars on 'Up In The Sky'. From there it's a rambunctious and rabble-rousing rock number, filled with chunky riffs that divert into placid asides only to come thundering back down again for the song's cathartic chorus. On its surface 'Up In The Sky' at first seems like a simple rock song, but the way that Free Money expertly rein in and release the energy ensures that the song's momentum stays at peak levels from beginning to end. Check it out below.

'Up In The Sky' will be co-released by Buff Records and Communion Records. Keep up with Free Money on Facebook.