In their new song, 'I Want To Give', Toronto-based Freedom Baby have created an epic. The new single comes after their March EP titled How You’ll Grow, which expanded the idea of chamber folk with its nuanced lyrics and sounds. Partners Eric Reid and Brianna Bordihn are the two main members of the band, and together they wrote an allegory of a relationship, expressing emotions they feel in their own lives with resolute symbolism.

'I Want To Give' approaches fifteen minutes in length and like the best of its peers, evolves many times throughout. Everything about it is dynamic, from instrumentation and rhythm to the story told in the lyrics. The band was inspired by Orson Welles approach based on instinct for the craft alone–but Welles had no experience as a filmmaker going into Citizen Kane. Freedom Baby certainly have enough experience as a band, especially reflecting on the achievement that was their previous EP. The band describes the new single in more detail:

“I watched Citizen Kane every night during the making of this song, and this song took a very long time to make. Orson Welles is a huge inspiration. He set out to make a film that wasn't defined by genres or traditional storytelling. He showed up in Hollywood with not much technical experience for how films were made and he created based on his instincts and trying to get to the heart of the story. That's how this song was made. Now, we're not saying this song is the masterpiece that Orson Welles created 80 years ago, but I think it's our personal masterpiece and one that we're greatly proud of. The song is about what it means to give yourself to another person, what it means to feel alone, what it means to feel some impending dread that perhaps you're not living your best life, it's about not letting your anxieties overtake you, it's about the stupidity of war and the frailty of us all. About the things we have control over versus the things we do not. It’s about what we put our faith in and who we reach out our hands to. But most of all, it’s about the very human need to give to one another and be of service to those whom you love. It's a reminder that we're all in this together.”

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