Lefteris Moumtzis is emotionally sovereign. The Cypriot musician uses the direct English translation of his name as his moniker, which becomes the first evidence of his liberty: Freedom Candlemaker. His new record, though far from his first foray into music, is the debut under this name; called Beaming Light, it represents a dawning in his life that would not have felt right under one of his previous projects. Listen to an exclusive stream of it below.

"It is a bright album. That is what it represents for me. And that was the intention. It's about stepping out into the light, realising, transforming, finding the thread that connects you with your true self. Sonically, it's exciting, soothing and sensual, but I can't and don't want to categorise it into one genre or style. I think of it as being in a spaceship flying above the earth. Or like scenes from the film Arrival, which really affected me in the recording process." – Freedom Candlemaker

Light ushers in optimism, but life is a cycle. Beaming Light spends a day ebbing and flowing with positivity and self-reflection, emerging from darkness in track one and giving into it by the closer. Sonically, the album takes on after alternative rock stylings in the indie community; Moumtzis mixes melodies and tempos like the art rock aficionado he is, creating a rollercoaster of energy on just about every track.

The universe serves as the broad context for each idea addressed. It is a vast place that can inspire in one moment and crush spirits in the next. That said, Moumtzis is sure to convey his lack of fear right off the bat. “I am not afraid,” he declares in 'Abysmal Sky', a track that has not yet noticed the illumination of the album’s title and beckons us to cower before we have begun to live. This is ironic, considering just a small amount patience and courage thwarts us into the depth of space (‘Astral Body’) with wisdom that was hidden beneath our noses (‘Frost’). Once there, it is up to us to pursue the answers that linger—or else, what was the point of embarking on this journey at all?

The greatest contrasts on the record can be found in ‘False Hopes’ and ‘Of the Universe’. When presented side-by-side, they become near-perfect foils, with the former dealing with the perception of failure and in the latter, a celebration of our connected humanity. It should foster humility, but instead leads directly into the record’s finale, ‘Unfulfilled’. Shadows move in under a blanket of calm instrumentation and eventually flickers into the same darkness we emerged from at the very start. We come from dust and to dust we will return, but in between, may we find the light that makes life worth living.

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