“How many ways can one be fucked?," Frauds ask. With much of the UK still reeling from Brexit, the time for polite discourse has long since passed. Yet, with resistance resulting in little tangible good thus far, many are left feeling stuck, even hopeless. Frauds' reaction is perhaps the only valid one left: to let loose.

Known for their crashing guitars and often comedic live shows alike, the duo have brought an absurdist's sense of things to a politically charged romp. Explaining for The 405, Frauds had this to say: "In this video we wanted to get physical by making something that’s visually beautiful that pushes us and our audience into real visceral reactions."

That's putting it mildly. Clean freaks just might need a bath after the visuals for 'Animals.' Naturally, the display isn't without reason or purpose. Frauds continue, "Exploring the world of Kink was a lot of fun, we really went to some extreme places while putting this together."

The duo found inspiration in a less than popular figure: "One of the main lyrics in the song is "running through the wheat fields" which is apparently the naughtiest thing our prime minister has ever done."

"With that in mind it felt like the right thing to do was something a bit naughty and provocative. It comes from a place of love and we want to entertain people with our art and if that means pouring a whole bottle of full fat coke down our pants then we are willing to do that!”

Check out the semi-controlled chaos that is the 'Animals' video below, and stay tuned for more from Frauds soon.