Jazz with a little bit of Cuban flavor? Who can say no?

¿Que Vola? are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their label, the great French indie bastion, Nø Førmat!. To celebrate, they're coming to London on April 10th, for their first live show in the UK.

To prepare folk for the groovy, nuanced fun ahead, they've dropped off a new track, ‘Los Tres Guerreros’, which, clocking in at just shy of 10 minutes, manages a tricky tightrope walk between funky playfulness and restrained, artful jazz.

On the track, the band themselves offer, "Los Tres Guerreros is the name of the three deities that we first pay tribute to in the "oro seco" - the part of the ceremony where only the drums play. In order, there's Elegua, the one who opens the roads (similar to Hermès the messenger for Greeks), Ogun (metal and war God) and Ochosi (the God of forests and nature). The three rhythms come one after another. The major drum (iyà) gives the call to change of rhythm and of deity. On this song, Coltrane has been a huge influence, with melodies that play a kind of blues over the drums."

Check out the track below, which comes with something of a trippy visual to enjoy along with the groove.