Aussie singer-songwriter, GRAACE, is turning heads internationally. GRAACE co-wrote and performed on Hayden James’ single, ‘Numb', and this month she dropped the video for her single, ‘Last Night’.

Her willingness to dissect her vulnerabilities is balanced by a reflective and precise composition- both musically and visually. That’s why it’s a 405 Friday Video Feature.

About the track, GRAACE says: “’Last Night’ came together while sitting at my piano one night. I realised I’d been writing about the same situation for years but with different people. I was managing to recreate the same scenarios in other relationships because I wasn’t fully in love with myself before committing to somebody else.”

The opening lyrics, “Fuck it, it’s late,” kick off a scenario that leads her inevitably breaking the potential partner’s heart. While GRAACE laments with her words, admitting faults, she sings with a defiant restraint that gets its energy from a well deep beneath the surface. The chorus dares her to let it fill a stadium. But this song isn’t about physical release. It’s a contemplation. When she sings about seeing those she hurt in Hell, it's not a sneer but a reminder that they’re humans, too, with faults just like her.

Director Sejon Im notes on the video: “We wanted to show GRAACE in a soft, vulnerable light. We visually went for an intimate aesthetic that wasn't too over-dramatic and it worked perfectly with GRAACE’S subtle but emotive performance.”

Its important to note that GRAACE is the only one seen in the video. While there’s times she’s at home, walking around what looks to be an urban area would normally warrant other people. It plays on the idea of this being a reflection and her lost in her thoughts, caught in a spell of self-examination, blind, deaf, and mute to the world around her. In the last bed scene, we see her sleep through a text notification, fulfilling that prophecy.

But the video ends with GRAACE looking off in the distance in the light of a new morning. With reflection comes the next step: action. And GRAACE has already proven what she can accomplish when she does that.