Our beautiful friends over at Amsterdam Event Guide caught up with Scott & Grant Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit to talk about their top tips and favourite bands to watch out for. The header image was created by the awesome Michael Parkin.
Photobucket Grant: ‘here are a few of my current favourite things.’
The Antlers – Hospice This album is definitely the album I’ve listened to more than any in the past year. The emotion in the songs is so raw and the imagery is so blunt that there’s no getting round what the theme is on this record. The constant allusions to hospitals, cancer and relationships make for a very dark record and the pain that comes with a dying loved one is evident simply in listening to Peter Silberman’s voice throughout the record. A beautiful but extremely harrowing listen. We toured with them last year too and I don’t think I heard a bum note in the whole 2 weeks!! John Knox Sex Club These guys are a 4 piece from Glasgow. They’re pretty much Rock n Roll with a Scottish poet as a front man. Absolute class. As yet they’ve released nothing but their live show is something pretty special. Rousing, crunchy guitar sounds mixed with pounding drums and all finished off by Sean Cumming preaching for his life at the front. A standard way for them to end the show is for Sean to sing the last line “We stay as close, as close as we can” and walk round the crowd giving out hugs!! Lovely. Three Blind Wolves Formerly known as Ross Clark and the Scarfs Go Missing these guys are gonna be a big deal in Scotland and the UK over the next year. They’re still a young bunch of lads finding their feet but once thise feet are found you better be prepared. Heavily influenced by a lot of Americana but with a bit of a mean streak Ross loves to vent his frustration with the world via songs which at first seem good but after a few shows you realise they’re fucking great. If you like early Ryan Adams, Neil Young and a wee bit of Bright Eyes check this young lad and his steeds out!! Admiral Fallow This is another great band from Glasgow. They remind me a lot of Okkervil River and a slight hint of Fleetwood Mac in there too! I have seen them a couple of times and Louis has one of the most spot on voices I’ve ever heard. The band is made up of university trained musicians which can sometimes make for a group of show offs who don’t know the meaning of the word restraint. That’s not the case here and the melodies are really allowed to shine on this and the musicianship is not the main art on display. I also love the use of male and female vocals on records and there’s a fucking clarinet!!! Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack – Karen O and the Kids I’ve been a massive fan of the book by Maurice Sendak ever since I was a wee boy and when I heard there was to be a movie I have to admit I was dubious. However as soon as I went to see it I fell in love again! The soundtrack is absolutely perfect too. It takes you right back to when you were a child and when singing meant screaming at the top of your voice regardless of tuning worries!! Of course Karen O has written some cracking tunes on the album but it’s really all about the feeling of being taken back to those days when monsters were real and the future wasn’t really so important.
Photobucket Scott: ‘here are my picks!’
Meursault – Nothing Broke This is an EP by a wonderful band from Edinburgh. They record nearly everything at home and the results are jaw droppingly beautiful at times. Their singer Neil Pennycook has one of the most powerful voices I’ve heard in a long while. Both this and the full length album ‘Pissing On Bonfires And Kissing With Tongues’ are released via the Song By Toad label, and they have a new record due in April. Take A Worm For A Walk Week Glasgow’s (and perhaps the world’s) most deranged band. This sounds like it was recorded in an asylum… I always picture them wearing hospital gowns when I’m listening. The band’s technical ability is insane, and there is plenty of method in their madness. Nutjobs! Withered Hand This is the pseudonym of Dan Willson, an Edinburgh based songwriter with an innocent voice and a dirty mouth. His songs skip between self-loathing, anger and joy within the space of a few lines, and it’s all set to a gorgeously lo-fi, shoegaze backdrop. His latest album is called Good News and it’s one of my favourites of the past year. Over The Wall This band is comprised of two of the loveliest chaps you could hope to meet, making charming, life-affirming Scottish pop. I challenge anyone to listen to their song Thurso and not have the melody running through their head for the next week. If you ever get the chance to see them live, I guarantee you’ll leave with a massive grin on your face. Silver Columns This is the camp-disco collaboration between Johnny Lynch (Pictish Trail) and Adem. It sounds like LCD Soundsystem crossed with The Communards. The thing I really like is that they produce brilliant songs, as opposed to dance music by numbers. It’s outrageous and soulful at the same time. Time to get the gold jumpsuit out of the wardrobe…