British Colombia outfit Frog Eyes have announced details of their ninth studio album, Pickpocket's Locket, coming later this summer via Toronto label Paper Bag Records. It's the band's second album on the label after its lone 2010 release with Dead Oceans, Paul's Tomb: A Triumph. It'll be the band's first official studio album since 2013.

Frontman Carey Mercer spoke on his newest work, saying; "My dad left me his acoustic guitar in his will; it was all he had to give, because he wasn't a rich man. I wrote ten songs on it, and I think that was the real gift he gave me: a love of music, not just the way you all love it (music lovers), but also a love of creating it, sowing myself, in some small way, into the story of music."

"I wrote about Joseph Beuys, about B. Traven, about God and Abraham and Isaac, about my dad being addicted to speed when he was 17."

Pickpocket's Locket will also feature Spencer Krug, as well as Jesse Zubot, John Paton and Paul Rigby. On the release news, the band also announced a slew up coming North American West Coast tour dates alongside Destoyer, which can be seen via the band's Facebook.

Pickpocket's Locket is scheduled for release August 28th on Paper Bag Records. Pre-orders can be made here.

Listen to "Joe With The Jam' here.

Check out the tracklist below:

  • 1. Two Girls (One for Heaven and the Other One for Rome)
  • 2. Joe with the Jam
  • 3. The Beat Is Down (Four Wretched Singers Beyond Any World That You Have Known)
  • 4. Death's Ship
  • 5. The Demon Runner
  • 6. Rejoinders In a Storm
  • 7. In a Hut
  • 8. Crystal Blip
  • 9. I Ain't Around Much
  • 10. Rip Down the Fences That Fence the Garden