Having already brought you 'I Don't Care' and 'Treehouse', Frøkedal has released a third single from her forthcoming album How We Made It, which lands at the end of August. 'David' is more openly buoyant than the previous songs, as she explains:

"This song was close to not happening - several times.” Frøkedal explains. "After the final recording session I realised that I missed it’s hopeful optimism in between the other songs. I needed David to shine a little light on the album.”

The optimism and brightness comes not only from the lyrics but from the open chords and vibrant instrumentation that adorn the simple but dreamy song. You can absolutely hear that Frøkedal and friends had fun recording it, which she admits:

"I took the train out to drummer Olaf’s place, a small old house on the top of a hill. His drums are sat on a riser in the middle of his living room with a great view of the valley below. We were chatting, playing and having a great time."