Frøkedal recently returned with the sweetly sardonic 'I Don't Care' as a way to announce her new album How We Made It. It was a bold song that started with an unabashed mission statement: "I never really questioned my life/ 'til you condescendingly said I’d fail.” Her second single from the album, 'Treehouse', starts with an equally provocative line: "Fuck you all."

“'Treehouse' was inspired by a six year old kid who tore his older brother’s treehouse to pieces without knowing he was being watched,” Anne Lise Frøkedal explains. “Even if it seems meaningless and silly, the joyful mischief of it feels strangely familiar... This idea – or this way of behaving – kind of translates to everyone at some point. Sometimes it just feels better to tear stuff up. Or maybe, tearing stuff down for others feels better than building up your own... You’re doing something and you know you’re gonna get in trouble for it but it’s better somehow – you just want to be part of the game.”

That feeling of mischief is certainly translated into the song, where a gorgeously carefree vocal take from Frøkedal couples beautifully with the sun kissed guitar and whimsy mandolin. The song virtually radiates child like innocence, while it's covering up some more mature misdeeds beneath. 'Treehouse' is a delightfully twisted little pop song that sets the tone for what we can expect on How We Made It.

Propeller Recordings will release Frøkedal's How We Made It on August 31st.