Sounding almost like a trip to late 80s power pop, the dynamic melodies and winsome harmonies of Swiss duo FROM KID's latest offering 'Sun' are extremely easy on the ears. Their sound whooshes through your brain like a cool and cleansing breeze, travelling through pure skies to reach you; we're not the only ones who thought it sounded good because, upon hearing it, Parisian house producer Freak You immediately decided to sign the duo – Andrin Berchtold and Gian Reto Camenisch – to his own imprint label, On The Fruit Records.

Following this, what better way to celebrate a great song than getting other people to have a go at remixing it? Putting a song's essential elements in different surroundings, treating it with the same love as if you'd created the track yourself, is surely the biggest way of paying homage to a good song. Well, that's exactly what Freak You did; Variations of Sun features just that – variations of FROM KID's lovely song, Sun. With a decidedly house­flavoured remix from Freak You himself, it also includes a post­euphoric electropop reworking by Canadians, Natural Animal, along with others by Ride The Universe and Lou Teti.

It's the remix by Leipzig­based German producer, PWNDTIAC, that we're concerned with today, however. Setting the original's vocals to a moody pool of rumbling and glassy synths accompanied by a slow and muffled beat, it gradually builds to a glorious crescendo of synth work in dramatic fashion. It gets better and better as it goes on, but what I do love about it is that it keeps the vocals entirely intact, and boy do those harmonies sound lovely in this more peaceful, space­to­breathe setting.