If you think Fucked Up have been quiet since releasing their ballsy 80-minute-long Punk Rock opera David Comes to Life in 2011, you're wrong.

The Toronto band have been putting out Zodiac themed 12"'s since 2006, and have barely missed a year. The newest, Year of the Dragon, is right on track. They've been performing the track since last year and will release it on CD and 12" this spring via Tankcrimes. And get ready because its 17-and-a-half minutes long and comes with two covers of 'I Wanna Be a Yank' by Cardboard Brains, and 'Disorder' by The Ugly on the b-side.

Here's what Fucked Up had to say about the upcoming release:

"The two B sides are faithful versions of two 'forgotten' historic Toronto punk tunes. So much of Toronto's early punk scene had a strong following and a great reputation, but some things never really made it out into the world at the time. CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] were commemorating the anniversary of The Last Pogo -- a huge, well-known, punk show in the late '70s that was held at the Horseshoe Tavern; populated by almost every band of the day, and was capped off by a near riot [it was later immortalized on vinyl] -- and we helped ring in the occasion by giving two of the bands on the record a little reanimation care of Fucked Up. The Ugly are still active to this day, and the Cardboard Brains are a collector favorite."

Watch the band perform 'Year of the Tiger' live in New York below.

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