Even though they’ve been around for 10+ years, Toronto hardcore band Fucked Up never really had much of a website (or online presence in general). That changed today, as they launched their brand new website at fuckedup.cc. If you head to the music portion of their website, you can check out four mixtapes from the band, including live recordings, demos, alternate versions, interviews, and tons of other fun stuff to listen to.

In addition to all that new music, you can also check out past show flyers from tours they've done which is pretty kickass. They also posted some academic writings that have been done on the band, a show archive, you can check out the members various side projects, and take part in their brand new forums. Of course there's the usual tour dates, contact, and photo tabs as well - it seems they put an insane amount of time into compiling all of this Fucked Up goodness for their fans, and it turned out great. Take a listen to Mixtape 1, Side A below.