With their sixth studio album Artificial Sweetners out this week, we caught up with brilliant Fujiya & Miyagi so they could share this very special playlist with us.

Proto-Electronic Dance Music Playlist

1. Joe R Lewis - 'Love of My Own'

A few years ago after a prolonged northern soul obsession I started exploring electronic music again, specifically areas i had previously dismissed in my younger days such as house. This tune is beautiful. I think Larry Heard may have been involved. I love music where I haven't got a clue how it's written or put together. Songs like this have a real mystery to me which never tires.

2. Cybotron - 'Alleys of Your Mind'

Not to be mixed up with the Australian Cybotron who I also like, this version featured Juan Atkins at the very beginning of Detroit techno. I hear the Kraftwerk influence but it's more absorbed rather than replicated. I'm not an expert on any of these songs but I enjoy tracing music back to it's origins. I'm attracted to music at its most simple and rawest. When things get too smooth it looses its allure.

3. Jamie Jupiter - 'Computer Power'

I think this was produced by The Egyptian Lover. This is glorious electro from 1984. This is the period in my life when everyone at school owned Nike windcheaters except me. This caused much sorrow.

4. Grandmaster Flash - 'Scorpio'

This is mental. On the few occasions I DJ in the real world I like to play this. As a Scorpio myself it makes me feel pretty good. Only a Scorpio could make such a record. A Taurus or Capricorn would struggle being so fly.

5. Z Factor - 'Fast Cars' (SFX Version)

Some believe this to be the very first house record released.

6. Jesse Saunders - 'On & On'

Some say this one was. Both feature Jesse Saunders. I'm probably wrong and maybe its only in retrospect but one of the things I enjoy about a lot of these songs is that they often overlap into other territories and scenes. Early Electro, Italo, Techno and House dip their toes into each others swimming pools.

7. Jo Jo - 'Mind Games'

This is a real italo disco classic. That's as much as I know.

8. A Number of Names - 'Sharevari'

Another early Detroit techno record that wears its european electronic influences on its sleeve. I think of music in a non-linear way. I don't mind if a record was from '40s or '81. Its all part of the same thing to me. I don't understand when people have to date things. In the grand scheme of things it's all music.

9. Electra - 'Feels Good' (Carrots & Beets)

This song is nuts. I believe the guy from Sensations Fix had a hand in the production. I admire songs with a heavy food angle in them .I don't know why as most food I can take it or leave it. The bassline influenced the next record apparently.

10. Jamie Principle - 'Your Love'

This is currently joint first with 'I Feel Love' as my favourite song of all time. It has to be the original though. It's perfect. I love the story of it only existing on tape from which it was played out by Frankie Knuckles. I read that Jamie Principle was a big fan of Prince but he totally created his own perfect record here. It can even survive being squawked over with the wrong words on it.