It may seem hard to believe, but Fujiya & Miyagi has been making music for 15 years. Beginning in 2002 with Electro Karaoke in the Negative Style, the group has played with variety of fascinating, experimental electronic styles. The group's latest record, the self-titled Fujiya & Miyagi, comes out later this week on April 7, but you can stream the entire thing exclusively here on The 405.

Beginning the instrumental 'Magnesium Flares' before giving way to the sensational 'Serotonin Rushes,' Fujiya & Miyagi are clearly at the top of their game here. The Brighton-based four-piece have crafted an 11-track collection of pulsing electro gems that will send any listener back to the glory days of bands like New Order and Ministry (though perhaps not as dark).

Lead singer David Best's deep vocal performances have a knack for playing off the punchy arrangements of his bandmates — and synth player Steve Lewis, bassist Ben Adamo and drummer Ed Chivers. The result of their chemistry is the band's most upbeat record, a happy coincidence given the current shitty state of affairs, says the band.

"We tried to make an uplifting record that mirrored the flow and form of our live shows whilst simultaneously taking the music to places we haven't fully explored before," says Best. "We created, for us anyway, an unusually positive record. Then, upon completion, the world went a bit mental. I hope it may provide a fleeting antidote to current anxieties, but i very much doubt it will."

See if some music can cure your woes and stream the fabulous Self-Titled LP from Fujiya & Miyagi below.