Leeds-grown foursome Fun Adults are set to return with another double a-side single next month, 'For Water' forming one half of what is to be another peak into their creative forte of producing tracks both beautifully arranged and intricately textured.

There's something intriguingly jazz-bar-esque about the musical underbelly of 'For Water' – deep bass notes are struck beneath the light-stepping arrangement of keys and percussion, whilst languid vocal harmonies ooze over the track, the main of which is a master of a haunting semi-falsetto.

The combination of sounds and their arrangement here proves Fun Adults know how to craft a song which sounds atmospheric yet stripped back, and thus are the producers of something that verges on the sublime.

  • Live Dates
  • 04.05 - Leeds - Brudenell Social Club (Live at Leeds festival)
  • 05.05 - Manchester - St Phillips Church (Sounds from the other city Festival)
  • 29.05 - St Pancras Old Church – London (Single launch show)