MXMS would seem to have one of those unpronounceable band names, but a little digging reveals that the name stands for "Me and My Shadow." The name is appropriately anonymous for a group that labels its atmospheric, brooding music as "funeral pop." But there is no disputing the results that multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Dawson and vocalist Ariel Levitan have achieved as they slowly trickle tracks out to listeners. For their latest release, a cover of 'Something In The Way' by Nirvana, the band turns a legendary track into their own with epic layers of synths, bass, piano, and soaring vocals. And, as if that weren't enough, they've got a compelling video to accompany the cover.

The sinister and striking video was directed by Christopher Kostrzak. In fact, Kostrzak was responsible for directing, editing, coloring and more. He worked in collaboration photographer Dirk Mai and video director of photography Jeff Berlin.

But perhaps the video's biggest accomplishment is that it fulfills the purpose of any great video: it accentuates the style and tone of the song without impeding it. Safe to say that MXMS made a sound choice teaming up with Kostrzak.

The band also manages that ever-so-rare feat of tackling a cherished, beloved song and turning it into something is both respectful and uniquely their own.

"'Something in the Way' is our favorite piece of Kurt's writing," says MXMS. "The numb, submissive feeling has been glue for other frightened humans like us. Our re-creation of the song is our interpretation of Ariel’s daily cyclic journey through mental illness, depression and the drugs that sometimes work. The song is meant to postpone the inevitable face-to-face with reality that’s en route."

So keep your eyes peeled for more from MXMS as they have solidified their status as one to watch. And while the video is great, if you'd like to just zone out to Levitan's haunting voice and Dawson's hypnotic instrumental, you can stream MXMS' cover of 'Something In The Way' below.