Fungi Girls is a couple of really young dudes from Cleburne, Texas. Not that their age should make any difference in how we listen to their music, which in this case happens to be pretty amazing.

It's easy to tag the origins of Fungi Girls' raucous yet catchy guitar pop to any number of bands of the Nuggets garage-psych era. Even Jacob Bruce's vocals strongly resemble Sean Byrne from the Count Five at times. 'Velvet Days' has a sort of convertibled, driving-through-the-desert aura about it, with the drums chugging along like a souped-up engine and the surfy guitar riffs gusting though your hair as you accelerate towards the horizon. Fungi Girls are touring the US this summer in anticipation of a full-length album entitled Some Easy Magic that will be out on Chicago's HoZac Records at some point in the near future.