This is a feel good story if I've ever heard one. Recently, funk legend Sly Stone has fallen on hard times and is essentially homeless, living out of an RV in east Los Angeles. That all might change pretty quickly though, as the musician has just been awarded $5 million in unpaid royalties.

The Guardian reported that back in 2010, a lawsuit was filed by Stone claiming that his manager Gerald Goldstein and lawyer Glenn Stone had asked him to sign an "employment and shareholder agreement” with a company called Even St. Productions, but there was some pretty sneaky fine print in that contract - it essentially moved all royalties from Stone, who wasn't paid for the 11 years between 1989 and 2001.

His manager and lawyer claimed that Stone broke his contract to record new music, but the jury sided with the artist and awarded him one-tenth of his original $50 million lawsuit - Even St. Productions will pay $2.5 million, Glenn Stone $50,000, and Gerald Goldstein $2.45 million.

Talk about a rags to riches story, even at Stone's age of 71.