FURS have shared a video for the wonderful 'I Wanna Know'.

"We really wanted to do a fun sounding song and video for our newest release, we wanted to show a different side to the band our sound and our influences," guitarist Liam Wade explains in an email to the 405. "This song actually started with me tinkering on an old synth and the song came together really quickly. We didn't want to lose that initial spark that we got with the synth demo just because it was a bit different to our other releases so we developed the song around that. We were definitely listening to a lot of Michael Jackson/ Quincy Jones at the time!"

This is one of the first glimpses into their forthcoming debut album, which is due out sometime this year. "Our album is quite varied sonically as we wanted an album where each song had its own character. No two are the same," they explain. "The thing that make all the songs gel so well all is its obviously all the same musicians and studio production but as soon Danielle's vocal goes on you know it's a FURS song. We can't wait for people to hear our album!"

Regarding the track's video, which was directed by Libby Burke Wilde, they claim they'd "never done any sort of dance moves before... so it was a new experience and it was really fun. It complements the song so well, with a nod to the early '80s synth pop era."

Check it out below.