If you haven't seen this already, or even if you don't really know much about Future Classic, there's a lot to like about this Australian label. Based in Sydney, these guys serve up consistently excellent releases from artists spread across Australia (mainly, but also the world). They decided to release a compilation to celebrate this year: Teen Idols.

2014, like every other year of this label's existence to be honest, has been a great year. There's been glittery beats from Thrupence, whose track 'Silk' appears on the compilation, the azure seas juke of 'Streamers' by Wave Racer (also on the comp), an album from Chet Faker, and loads of other stuff.

Creating the title track, one of the label's first signings Michael Di Francesco, better known as his alias Touch Sensitive, shares a bit of background behind the brand new single.

"My cousin Michael Bartucciotto introduced me to lots of deep Doo Wop and I'm familiar with most of the Teen Idol stuff because my dad listens to it, so to me this track is about a little bit of the past in a current context. People have short attention spans these days and some pop hooks are only a couple of words (if that), so it's a bit of a nod to that world you could say. Not everyone can sing 4 part harmonies (including me) but anyone can do "Doo" or "Bap" and with technology the way it is now, anyone can be a star."

Thus 'Teen Idols' jolts with simple upbeat disco and pulses with the potential energy of pop hooks, a grooving track that is as much future funk as anyone could want, making dips in the beat for indefatigable dynamics, chopping the vocal samples in its bouncier moments for the illusion of having taken these snippets of voices from pre-existing soul tracks or something. It's an instant winner, filled as it is with a sense of instant, body-moving happiness.

"We throw parties & highly endorse dancing," says Future Classic's SoundCloud bio. Which is why Touch Sensitive's track is the perfect opener and namesake. Pre-order the Teen Idols compilation here (it's out 19th December).

  • Teen Idols tracklist:
  • 1. Touch Sensitive - Teen Idols
  • 2. HWLS - 004 w/ Noah Breakfast
  • 3. Basenji - Heirloom
  • 4. Chet Faker - Gold
  • 5. Seekae - Test & Recognise
  • 6. George Maple - Talk Talk
  • 7. Karma Kid - Bird of Prey
  • 8. KOA - All Of My Love
  • 9. Thrupence - Silk
  • 10. 123Mrk - Gotta Choose feat. Martin Mey
  • 11. Cashmere Cat - With Me
  • 12. Wave Racer - Streamers
  • 13. Hayden James - Something About You
  • 14. Chrome Sparks - Goddess
  • 15. Flight Facilities - Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Lido Remix)
  • 16. Woolfy - City Lights