If owning a Wii U and 3DS wasn’t enough for you, Nintendo boss, Satoru Iwata, recently detailed in a Q&A session with investors in Japan, the company's plans to integrate future hardware (both home and handheld) together under one platform:

“In terms of our platform integration [...] we are not saying that we are planning to integrate our platforms into one. What we are saying is that we would like to integrate software development methods, operating systems, and built-in software and software assets for each platform so that we can use them across different machines.

This means that if we manage to integrate our platforms successfully, we may in fact be able to make more platforms. At the moment, we only have our current handheld devices and home consoles because if we tried to make more platforms, our development resources would be spread too thinly. The more we can share software across different platforms, the more development resources will be left for something else.”

With the recent restructure of Nintendo’s facilities to consolidate its handheld R&D with its main development house, it comes as no surprise now that they're aiming for a more integrated cross platform feature with future consoles.

The Wii U already features a GamePad that acts almost like a portable device, with its own screen similar to a handheld experience. The 3DS is also pushing boundaries, providing an experience similar to what you would get with the Wii U via its eShop exclusive titles (within the limits of the handheld’s hardware).

With games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate being released simultaneously on the Wii U and 3DS, I guess we could see more games that could possibly be played on the go and then transferred back to your home for the same experience – sounds awfully like Nintendo’s strategy to take on the growing mobile market!

As for my opinion: Pokémon on a home console; oh my god, yes! Let’s wait and see what Nintendo has up its sleeve!