Future came out of nowhere with a lot for us this week and he's not even close to being done. First, he announced that he's releasing his brand new album this Friday and a tour was also announced (with Migos, Tory Lanez, Kodak Black and more) in support of the album.

Before we get a chance to hear a new single or anything, the Atlanta rapper and DJ Esco have released a clip of the two of them in the studio working on new music. And it was recorded with a creepy night vision filter. Watch Night Vision EP. 1 and prepare yourself for Future's self-titled album (which you can find the tracklist to below). Because it sounds like you may need to.

  • 1. Rent Money
  • 2. Good Dope
  • 3. Zoom
  • 4. Draco
  • 5. Super Trapper
  • 6. POA
  • 7. Mask Off
  • 8. High Demand
  • 9. Outta Time
  • 10. Scrape
  • 11. I’m so Groovy
  • 12. Might as Well
  • 13. Poppin’ Tags
  • 14. Massage In My Room
  • 15. Flip
  • 16. When I Was Broke
  • 17. Feds Did a Sweep