Hailing from Nashville, alt-rock foursome, Future Thieves, take you for a ‘Dark Spin’ with their latest offering. Seaming together the gentle fibers of indie-rock and clean synth-rock elements, the band focuses their renewed energy on something much more intimate and tranquil with this entirely inviting new track.

With ‘Dark Spin’, the quartet expands their musical palette with a softer and dreamier resonance. The newest contribution, which heads toward a different direction for Future Thieves, still allows them to travel down a road complete with beauty, enlightenment, and reflectiveness, before they reach their ethereal destination. At the juncture where alt-rock, minimalistic synth-pop, and indie-folk line up, ‘Dark Spin’s’ vast and attractive soundscape evokes a hypnotic trip worth taking, over and over again.

In regards to the new song, this is what lead singer Elliot Collet had to share with us: “'Dark Spin' is about someone acknowledging the end of a specific part of their life. Accepting that you’ve gone through a dark period, looking at someone that’s known you through it all, and basically asking “Where do we go from here?’.” In addition, the band went on to express that, “This is an album that’s ultimately about connection in an increasingly disconnected world, about the lessons and the moments we can share that no machine can ever replicate.”

Future Thieves’ players consist of vocalist Elliot Collet, guitarist Austin McCool, bassist Nick Goss, and drummer Gianni Gibson. This new single, the first of 2018, is off their forthcoming self-titled sophomore record, due out on September 7. ‘Dark Spin’ follows the band’s previous single, ‘Sucker’, from last year.