We recently named the vibrant single 'Thin Air' by Danish band Future War Bride as our Track Of The Day, and today we get the chance to bring you the video for the track, which adds even more layers of intrigue to the song.

The dystopian runs thick through the work of Future War Bride, from their name, to their lyricism, to their press photos, and now their videos. The clip is inspired by UFOs, which have a particularly rich history in Denmark, with over 15,000 sightings between 1978 and 2002 now open for public viewing. The video, like the song itself, also has throwback psychedelic elements, it being filmed by Brady Perron in Kvistgård, Denmark, with no budget, and featuring Futuro House - a classic prefabricated fibreglass house designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the late 1960s.

The video stars Ida Franck in a white dress, perhaps the avatar for Future War Bride, as she runs around barefooted and dazed, seemingly being hunted by extra terrestrial life. The gruelling effort and scars it left on the creators were also something of a throwback, singer Mikkel Boström telling us: "[Ida's] feet were completely torn up, swollen and blistered, and I think you can almost tell on her face how harsh the pain was.”

It was all in the name of expression though, and the results speak for themselves. Watch the video for 'Thin Air' below.

'Thin Air' is taken from Future War Bride's debut album Majahua, which comes out on June 8th through Gloves Off. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.