Although she only has a few released songs under her belt, Australia's G Flip has already been whisked to greater heights than she could have expected with the rapturous reception of her debut songs in 2018. Unsurprisingly, the whole period was pretty intense for the young artist (which she told us about on The 405 Exchange podcast), and she has created a song and video called 'Bring Me Home', which reflects on this, as she explains:

“I’m excited to share a new track today ‘Bring Me Home’. I wrote it quite recently. 2018 was an epic, exciting, exhausting year for me and my brain struggled to keep up. I had quite a bit of anxiety and frankly, it scared the shit out of me. It was really overwhelming and this song is about that. It’s ok not to be ok sometimes."

In 'Bring Me Home' G Flip sings passionately and honestly about her exhaustion and fear at the sudden explosion of her world. The track is a stately piano-led ballad, illuminated by Flip's rich vocal. The video for the track is a lot more energetic, as it sees her drumming to the extremes of her energies, and it works as a perfect accompaniment for the draining song. Explaining the video, she says:

"I needed the film clip to be emotional like the song. I wrote this song when I was breaking down so I wanted to portray that in the visual. I can’t act to save my life so I put myself in a hot warehouse on a 36 degree day and drummed for 6 hours straight until I couldn’t anymore to show that real emotion and convey what I was feeling.”

Although clearly overwhelmed by a titanic 2018, we still hope to hear more from G Flip in 2019 - as long as she doesn't wear herself to the bone in doing so.