It's not often - okay maybe ever - that the indie blogosphere gets to gush about someone with genuine operatic chops. But, luck has it, that drought was bound to end at some point.

In comes GABI, the newest inductee to the beloved and constantly virtuous Software label; the sister-imprint of Mexican Summer lead by electronic music futurist Daniel Lopatin. The first taste of GABI brings a positively lush impression over a sprawling underscore on 'Koo Koo'. The New York native, who is also a multi-instrumentalist, ignites the effort with her aforementioned operatic vocals, but the track quickly turns into a wild foray of minimalist elements and layered effects.

Get a first taste of GABI below.

How did the Software deal come about? What made you want to join the label?

Daniel Lopatin heard my demos through our mutual friend Arthur (Autre Ne Veut). When Daniel and I finally met we really clicked and I felt like he understood my vision. Software has been so wonderful and intimate-the in-house studio Gary's Electric and all the people I've worked with have been inspiring. It felt like a perfect match.

Could you tell us how the video came about?

The video for Koo Koo was made by BANGS (Allie Avital Tsypin, director and Owen Donovan, cinematographer). Allie and I go way back... we've collaborated over the past six years on projects ranging from performance art pieces, to videos, to a mini opera with a children's choir. We've had some influential experiences together that I think sculpted us both as artists-most memorable being our residency at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center and the New York Theater Workshop. Allie's been a strong visual voice in my work ever since.

Lastly, what do you have coming up that we should know about?

I have a show coming up at Baby's All Right on Oct. 2nd (details here and here). I'm going to be performing a bunch of new material very close to my heart. Joining me will be my full band: Matthew O'Koren, on drums and vibraphone, Aaron Roche on electric guitar and horns, Rick Quantz on viola, Finnegan Shanahan on violin and Jake Becker on electronics.

The development of this project will more fully materialize in 2015...