Don’t mistake this relative newcomer, Cork’s Gadget and the Cloud, for a cartoon hero, though the music certainly lives in its own world. I wrote about the Irish producer’s debut record last year, a quick and surprisingly cheery effort considering its title: Songs For Sad People To Dance To. Now she is back with 'Too Soon To Say', a brand new single and video, which furthers her efforts to sensitize dance music.

If there was one word I could use to describe the work of Gadget’s Kelly Doherty, it would be ‘hope.’ She is a passionate citizen and artist, and with her music, she creates the reality in which hope can truly thrive. On 'Too Soon', feedback begins breathing on its own, before more sounds trickle in. It defeats loneliness simply by being, a powerful message for anyone who has had their existence challenged. Even the seemingly disparate images overlayed into the music clip prove a sort of harmony that humanity could benefit from.

You can see Gadget and the Cloud perform at the Quarter Block Party Festival on February 8th; more info. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.