Last weekend was an absolute scorcher with Bournemouth and Brighton beach being invaded by the pale white army, so its now official... summer is here (but only if we ignore the fact it’s raining for most of the week). So with that in mind, here at The 405 towers, we decided to start a summertime feature bringing you the best in new technology direct to your eyeholes.

Music in the garden with Veho

I dont have a garden so listening to music in a park usually involves listening to the sweet sounds of Kelis through the tinny speakers on my laptop or by forming an a capella band just for the afternoon. Portable speakers have improved over the past two years with Jawbone and Bose throwing out their own versions into the speaker based meat market but now is the time of a speaker that is ready to stand up to the test of being used as a tennis ball.

The Veho Vecto Speaker is the portable speaker that Bear Grylls would buy whilst killing two gorillas just to use their skin as the front door to his jungle mansion. Its rugged, tough and 100% water resistant whilst also boosting a battery life that can be used for the whole day (16 hours if you are asking for statistics).

The Veho has a line in cable to any sort of music device can be connected (Hipsters take note; no vinyl in the field) but if you are feeling a bit worried about taking your iPod out to a festival for example, the Veho has a sturdy SD card port so you can take your tunes with you that way.

Where sound quality is concerned, the Vevo pumps out a good level of bass and treble without compromising on battery life. it may be a bit pricey for a portable speaker, but with a decent battery life and the additional feature of charging your phone as well, the Veho could be the only speaker you buy this summer.

Constant need for grass

Walking on a grassy lawn barefoot feels so much better than walking on hot tarmac so why not take that feeling with you everywhere. Green Grass Flip Flops are this week's 'why the hell not' addition to the tech summer roundup as there really is no point to them, but you have to admit that you would probably wear them and they would be a great conversation starter when talking to your hip, smartphone owning friends. Instant tweet and instant like-ageddon purchase for those in need of a social network confidence boost.

Retailing at £24.99 you would have to be sure that the grass is greener on the other side.

Festival Pick of the Week

The Veho was a great nominee for this week's festival pick however it has nothing on Freak Masks. Ever felt like creating a David Lynch scenario for a friend at Bestival after they have ingested too many natural highs? If so, scan their face in and get 5 masks of them made and then slowly follow them around.

There is no explanation really, just check them out over on Firebox.

If you fancy a shopping spree, then the purchase links for all items are below: