We have landed in June; not with a thump but with a slightly painful hangover that has been caused from a month of debauchery caused by multiple bank holiday weekends. Whoever thought it was a great idea to put every single one in May is both a legend and an atrocity. A lot like The Mountain from Game of Thrones. Either way, it's a month to get looking at some top new tech from our friends over at Firebox that can guarantee that your garden parties will own over everyones else's.

Todays Headliner - The Perfect Drink

For all of those 'stay at home' cocktail makers (I'm one of them), The Perfect Drink helps you make cocktail bar standard drinks from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes intelligent scales, a 500ml cocktail shaker and a fancy stand for your iPad/iPhone. It does not come with the sense of extreme smugness.

What it does come with though is the promise to never make an incorrect cocktail ever again. Simple place your drinking vestibule on the scales and start pouring; whilst doing so, the scales will constantly measure what you are pouring and in real time tell you when to chop and change between liquids. For those who like their cocktails a touch more Mad Men, you can pour more alcohol in and let the Perfect Drink readjust the amounts of other ingredients needed to still make the recipe perfect.

Don't worry about over shaking either as the app will let you know how long to shake and how long to let serve. If June is the time month of heat, then make sure The Perfect Drink is close at hand to pleasure your friends palettes.

If you have come from a party with "The Perfect Drink" then this next gadget is the perfect to complement this summery drinking fest.

Breathometer - The Smart Breathalyzer

Phones are no longer just phones and what better way to showcase this matter of fact by integrating a breathalyser into your core day to day experience. An app that can help put your drinking in some sort of perspective.

Attaching the Breathometer is simple; Clip the device to the headphone port on your iPhone and then blow onto the opening to see your blood alcohol content on the phones screen. Drinking and driving is a crime so if you know you are going to be at the wheel, then don't over do it.

The Breathometer is a handy device and could be a potential lifesaver in many ways. Make sure that whilst attending garden parties this Summer, that the odd drink does not put you over the limit.

Rubik's Cube Light

Centrepieces are a necessity for any sort of garden party. Ice Sculptures, Belly Dancers or a hedge shaped to look like a giant tongue are all examples of such but not one comes close to the centre piece all inanimate objects want to be. A light-up Rubik's Cube that is not only larger than the standard cube, but is actually workable.

That's right, the Rubik's Cube Light is completely usable and solvable. Chargeable by USB, this behemoth of the puzzle world can moisten even the most toughest souls maybe even to the level of a potential hard nut becoming the life of the party. Retailing at only 29.99, it would also make the perfect addition to any gaming room or general geek dungeon.

That's all of the tech for this week that I think can help you with your garden party. I'm off to now watch Game of Thrones and ....oh my god did they just do that.