June 4th will finally see the release of the debut album by the all female choir, Gaggle.

The 21 person strong collective have been on our radar for some time now and we're proud to announce that their first full length album will be called From the Mouth of the Cave. Since they first came to our attention the group has gone from an experiment, bringing a mass of women on stage, to something much bigger, as Gaggle founder Deborah Coughlin explains:

"I’d always known where it would go – I knew it was a project that could cross boundaries and play in vastly different spaces."

With the girls having toured Europe last year performing a reworking of opera The Brilliant and the Dark, which was originally performed by 1000 women back in 1969, they’ve since hit the studio to record the debut record.

Prior to the albums release, Gaggle will release its lead single, ‘Army of Birds’, which you can watch the trailer for below.