Initially recording as a solo artist, everything changed for Aley Waterman when she encountered Hey Rosetta. She hit it off with the band, and members Adam Hogan and Josh Ward and Ashley Chalmers joined her to create Galaa.

Before they knew it, the foursome were opening for the likes of Tegan and Sara and Owen Pallett. It's not hard to see why. Their opulent sound immediately invites the listener to feel close with the band. 'Open Eyes' gravitates around this very theme, the band explaining for The 405, "This song is about getting close to people who are difficult to get to know because they don’t immediately reveal themselves to you, but how getting to know people who are guarded can be really rewarding and nice. It’s also about how we mythologize the people in and out of our lives, and how that can be damaging if taken too far."

Check out the gorgeous new tune below, and look out for more from Galaa very soon.