To celebrate the return of L.A.-based singer Gallant with his newest single 'Forfeit', we asked him to share his favourite artists and tunes with us for an 'Under The Influence' playlist. Here's what he had to say.

Toni Braxton - 'Maybe'

Comes after my two favourite tracks 'Fairy Tale' and 'The Art of Love' from her album The Heat. This song is such a great example of how captivating Toni's vocals are even if you can't make out every word. The crazy intensity of her delivery makes the experience really incredible.

Goapele - 'Closer'

Heard this song when I was 8 or 9 and I couldn't stop listening to it. 'Closer to My Dream' and 'I'm Getting Higher' were the only words I needed to understand to keep playing this over and over and they're still the only two sentences I know. One of those songs that communicates the spoken words perfectly just by being there, sort of floating around in the atmosphere.

Janet Jackson - 'If'

A classic. Janet speeds through the verse like a freight train then shoots into the pre-chorus with an emotional battle cry-- and even though I can't understand any of it it's one of my favourite songs ever.

TLC - 'Silly Ho'

This album is so dope. Track reminds me a little bit of 'Are You That Somebody' but a lot less love-y. Usually Chili's growl can be made out after a couple listens but this one has her vocals so low in the mix that I still can't sing along in perfect unison. I think that's great. You can just close your eyes and get lost in the groove. Magic.

Toni Braxton - 'Please'

From the Libra album on Blackground. Song used to be on the radio constantly in '05 and every time the verses came in me and my friends would mumble our best guesses of the lyrics. I don't think any of us were right but whenever we see each other this is blasting through the speakers.

Michael Jackson - 'Blood on the Dance Floor'

The cliche entry since everyone knows he has the indecipherable lyrics game on lock but included for being the only MJ lyrics I guess haven't looked up yet. Even without knowing every word he's crying out, you're almost sure it's about something nightmarish. Now I have the lyrics in an open tab next to this one. It's probably better that I stay unaware though.

Janet Jackson - 'All Nite (Don't Stop)'

I eventually googled these after a heated argument with a friend of mine about the what exactly Janet wanted to pop or shake but for a long time it was just us two head-bobbing to her super-staccato hum on top of that infectious guitar line.