Very few games in this world can bridge the gap between music and video games aside the glorified Simon Says that is Guitar Hero, but Grand Theft Auto is the king of such a marriage. Mixing crime capers, cars, bikes planes and remote controlled tanks with an even cooler soundtrack and more cult references than all the family guy episodes ever made put together GTA is the coolest game franchise ever.

Last Tuesday, cool as you like, Rock Star games, the masterminds behind GTA simply posted on their homepage the logo for the latest instalment GTA V advertising the trailer going live today. Soon social networkers and bloggers across the globe were furiously trying to pre-empt what the game would have in store.

For many GTA IV was a bit of a let down after GTA: San Andreas, hopefully this latest game will turn things around by heading back to an environment familiar to fans of San Andreas, the West Coast. Rumours of a Hollywood type town being the backdrop for the latest game seem confirmed in the trailer with talk of retiring to a place you see in the movies, and the visual of Vinewood, which fans will remember from San Andreas. But anyway, take a look at this trailer yourself and when the game gets released I’ll meet you at midnight outside Blockbusters before taking a weeks annual leave.