Gang Gang Dance recently returned from a 7 year absence with the luxurious new single 'Lotus' and the announcement of their new album Kazuashita for June 22nd. Today they follow that up with the gorgeous new single 'J-TREE'.

Co-founder Brian DeGraw says, "J-TREE has always been about open space to me. When I started writing the skeleton of the song I imagined it would only ever be played live in an outdoor setting. That was the goal: to create a song that was a sonic dialogue between ourselves and the majesty of wide open space in nature."

This is all abundantly clear in listening to 'J-TREE', a broad and overflowing soundscape that invests the listener in a mindset of new appreciation for life going on all around. Unfurling like a new-born creature in rapid growth, 'J-TREE' incorporates delicate layers of piano, vocals, African drums and countless other wisps and whispers, bringing a breathing atmosphere into being. Check it out below.

You can pre-order Kazuashita from here ahead of its June 22nd release on 4AD.