It's been a long time since we heard from Gang Gang Dance, but we always knew that a band this vital and vibrant would come back eventually. Today they have launched themselves back into the public psyche with a new track called 'Lotus' from an album called Kazuashita coming out through 4AD on June 22nd.

As an introduction to the album, 'Lotus' is a luscious and engrossing one. Far from the shrieking and insane dance-type tracks we know they're capable of, 'Lotus' is instead an invitation to sit down and relax alongside Gang Gang Dance in a world of plush synthesizers and wafts of perfumed vocal melodies. The result is a heady track that enshrouds you in glorious indefinable layers of sound, smooth and sultry, making you defenceless to their seductive bidding. Listen below.

Kazuashita comes out on June 22nd and can be pre-ordered here.