Step by step, one gig at a time, Gang have been unsettling patrons of south-east pub venues with their menacing riffs, howling vocals and jokey between song turns about which day of the week they've happened to land on. I say this as if they were some otherworldly presence capable of terrifying children with their brand of ominous goofiness. Gang come with a warning don't you know: Little children beware!

The Brighton 3-piece are releasing a new track, 'Not A Reason', on June 10th via Corner Shop Pop which you can stream here. Frontman, Eric Tormey describes the song as, "mostly about irrational thoughts overcoming reason, how damaging a lack of logic can be, and the frightening realisation that nothing really has a reason."

The song is pure, unadulterated and demented fun, like being dragged backwards down a menacing, macabre helter skelter ride. Heavily influenced by doom metal legends Black Sabbath, Gang have an intrinsic pop sensibility that makes the song the most unsettling party-starter you’re likely to hear all year.

  • You can catch them wreaking havoc at this weekend’s Great Escape Festival:
  • May 19th - Rogue Bar - Brighton (Great Escape)
  • May 20th - The Globe - Brighton w/ Ulrika Spacek and The Parrots (Great Escape)
  • May 21st - Brighton Youth Centre (Great Escape)
  • May 26th - Warehouse Show Hackney Wick - NTS show w/ Arrows Of Love
  • June 4th The Winchester, Bournemouth
  • June 10th Farr's School Of Dancing, London
  • June 11th Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate
  • June 18th Hull Adelphi w/ Vulgarians