Gary War is the synth-pop project of Greg Dalton, which creates a cathedral-size songs full of quirks and moments of luminous musicality. They've been away for a little while now, not having released an album since 2013, but next month they will return with Gaz Forth, a bigger and more all-encompassing album than any of the previous efforts.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the latest single from Gaz Forth, the playfully psychedelic pop gem 'Every Third Thought'. We also had the opportunity to ask Dalton some questions about the evolution of the project, the genesis of the track and more. Check out 'Every Third Thought' below and read our interview with Greg beneath.

After a prolific first few years, you've had a 5 year gap between albums; what have you learned and what has changed for you when working in a band?

I’ve learned more about music composition and some technical aspects of both studio engineering and live sound environments. What’s changed I’d say is that I’ve decided that having someone looking after your live sound is absolutely crucial.

Tell us about the album's title Gaz Forth.

Gaz = Gary . Forth= Onward/Fourth LP.

Have your travels in recent years had any impact on these songs musically or lyrically?

People I’ve met on my travels have influenced songs lyrically and musically for sure.

What is usually the first element of a song that you write and how does it build from there?

Usually a title, theme and/or lyrics, if I’m lucky. The cliche thing about the best songs falling from the sky and writing themselves in 5 minutes is true, I find. The more thought that goes into songwriting the more the purity is tainted, but that can be both good and bad depending on objective and who’s doing it obviously.

What was the inspiration and genesis of 'Every Third Thought'?

The inspiration was the thought of trying to keep one’s outlook optimistic and not succumbing to misery and negativity amidst increasingly toxic situations. Pretty basic concept, really. The idea came first and the lyrics fit well with the tune it was banged out in an afternoon.

Although drawing from a largely darker hewed palette, there are certainly some bright and delightful moments on Gaz Forth; what would you say the overall mood of the album is?

I’d say overwhelmingly optimistic and loving and ecstatic and not being a fucking mope. That was the intention.

What makes you most excited about releasing a new album as Gary War?

To see the project evolve and to try to improve on the previous records I’ve made as Gary War. It exciting to be able to document one’s time on Earth through whatever art they’re attempting. Experimenting with new structures and sounds and trying to fit them into composed songs also gives me kicks. It’s an ongoing learning process and is endlessly fun/ exhausting to do.


Gary War's new album Gaz Forth comes out on February 9th through Feeding Tube Records; pre-order it here.