Geek Week
Geeks Official Website
The 405 are proud to announce our media partnership with for their forthcoming Geek Of The Year Awards. To celebrate all that is geeky and to explore how the concept of a geek has changed quite drastically in recent years, we hereby declare the following week 'Geek Week!' Don't worry though; it's not going to disrupt anything much, it just means a whole host of cool features, interviews and articles in the following week will be loosely geek themed, giving you a themed insight into the lifestyle, the allure, the wide-ranging influence and perhaps even the favourite stuff of 'geek'. To kick things off, you can head over to the debate box to boast about your geekiest moment and win a pair of tickets to the award ceremony in the process, or check out the radar box for information on how to submit your application to be Geek Of The Year and for the full information on the lineup of the evening. In the coming days we'll have interviews with the people involved in the awards ceremony and the website itself responsible for making it happen, the return of the 'Geeks Guide' and plenty of awesome stuff. And hey, we've got all week, so if you've just suddenly thought of an awesome feature idea like asking Rivers Cuomo about his favourite golden age Marvel comics just let us know below and we'll see if we can't make it happen!