With just over a week to go until Geek of the Year, we're storming on the interview front today, asking questions for the stereotypical geek and receiving answers for the unconventional geek. Here's our interview with the promoters of the event, A Badge of Friendship What's your favourite cult film or series? Claire: My favourite film HAS to be Blade Runner. It's got a bit of everything that I love. Ghost in the Shell (the first film) is also great. I know Carl Donnelly has already answered the same here but I absolutely love Battlestar Galactica and Dexter. I'm reading a book at the moment called "Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There". I'm re-living the series with added philosophical debate! Brilliant! Paul: My favourite series would have to be Twin Peaks. I first saw it when I was about 12 and it totally influenced the type of films and television I really love and was an apt progression from watching things like the Twilight Zone and Tales of the Unexpected! And so began my love of David Lynch and contemporaries such as Cronenberg and the darker edge that the medium of film can evoke. In recent times TV shows such as Dexter, Lost and Battlestar Galactica have really got the juices flowing and reawakened my love of American drama. Are you a collector of any sort of memorabilia? Claire: I would like to collect more figurines. So far I've got a Peter Parker / Spiderman figurine from the first film, when that came out around 8/9 years ago, and an X-Men / Mr. Sinister figurine. He was my favourite X-Men baddy! I don't have enough space to collect any sort of memorabilia though. My earliest memory of collecting things was random bits of stationary from random tourist spots, for example, pencils from Loch Ness or a sharpener from Glencoe. I then went on to collect badges and was obsessed with getting really dorky ones. I even wrote wrote to Marvel and they sent me a cool Spiderman badge. I did love writing letters when I was younger. The geek was always strong in me! Paul: I must say I am not really. I have been quite nomadic throughout my life and seem to leave a bunch of my past in every flat or country that I have moved out of. I even once managed to leave a relatively new BMX at a flat I lived at in Uni, which is the clearest indication of not collecting ANYTHING. Such was my lack of awareness of the worth of collecting memorabilia over the years, I have managed to throw away or trade in my Spectrum 128k, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Amiga, Sega Game Gear, PS1 and ticket to go see Nirvana play with Sebadoh in Glasgow 2/3 weeks before Kurt Cobain killed himself. What a wasteful child I was... Have you visited a shop like Forbidden Planet? What did you buy? Claire: Of course! I love that shop. Last thing I got in there was a few Adrian Tomine graphic novels. He rocks... Paul: Loads of times. I have bought comics, graphic novels and more than likely, cool figures for peoples birthday or Xmas. Who's your favourite comic book superhero and why? Claire: Really difficult. I'm not sure I have one. I know that's maybe not a typically "geeky" answer but I just don't. I used to love the X-Men but I'm not so much of a fan anymore. I became really obsessed with trying to draw superheroes when I was younger, I still quite enjoy sketching random characters. Bad guys are the most fun to draw. Paul: Jesse Custer AKA Preacher. He was a grade-a asshole, however I enjoyed the way he was portrayed as a fundamentally flawed character even though he was a holy man. This is a far more suitable representation of a human being, who is fucked up regardless of his position in society - which is far more befitting the reality. Star Wars or Star Trek? Claire: Oh no! This is a really hard question because I'm a real Star Trek geek, I even had the Encyclopedia, signed by Chekov may I add! Star Wars is also brilliant for so many reasons but I've been a fan of the new films. Can I not choose both? Oh go on... Paul: Star Wars. I hate Star Trek... Warhammer or Dungeons and Dragons? Claire: Dungeons and Dragons at a push, if it's the cartoon that is. But am more sci-fi than fantasy. Paul: Neither... Captain Kirk or Captain Picard? Claire: Another difficult question. Kirk had a cheesy roguish charm but Picard had class and sophistication. Based on Star Strek Generations alone, I'll say Picard. Paul: Although I said I hate Star Trek, I would have to say Kirk because I watched the series when I was very young and have no real knowledge of Picard, although I hear he was very good!?! What class of geek would you put yourself in e.g. video gamer, science, fantasy role player... Claire: I wouldn't pigeon hole myself I reckon. I like a bit of everything. I'm mainly a sci-fi geek I have to say whether it be films, games or comics / graphics novels. Love of a bit of sci-fi. Some of my favourite films are sci-fi, my favourite games have a sci-fi edge... yes, definitely a sci-fi geek. Paul: Video gamer all the way. I have played computers since the inception of the console and still play them to this day. It has, I guess, been one of the constants in my life along with film/TV, music and football to the extent that we have a PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii to keep ourselves entertained! Entrants for the Geek of the Year Awards are being asked to explain why they deserve to win it. If you were to enter, what argument would you put forth? Claire: I don't think I need to answer that, haven't you been reading!? I'm such a massive geek, I keep it well hidden but scratch the surface and you'll find a girl that loves nothing more than wandering the wastelands of Fallout, gets excited by the mere thought of a weekend of Star Trek re-runs and will watch anything with that features spaceships, robots, explosions and galaxies far, far away. Paul: All of the above might tell a different story, but I don't really consider myself a bona fide geek. I dip my toe in, play my consoles, read some comics from time to time, but a proper geek would be having a conniption if I were to be given some award for being so. My interest is fueled simply by things I enjoy playing, reading or listening to and they may be things considered geeky to some but not to others. I think I would be happy just being considered an honorary geek!