With just over a week to go until Geek of the Year, we're storming on the interview front today, asking questions for the stereotypical geek and receiving answers for the unconventional geek. Here's our interview with one of the comedians on the lineup for the event, Adam Bloom. What's your favourite cult film or series? The Jerk Are you a collector of any sort of memorabilia? Only that question, in various formats, starting with words trapped in a labelled jar. Have you visited a shop like Forbidden Planet? What did you buy? Yes, but I bought nothing. I just watched comedian Josh Howie ejaculating for an hour. Who's your favourite comic book superhero and why? Superman, he has flaws (and a package smaller than mine) Star Wars or Star Trek? Either, neither do anything for me. Deal with it. Warhammer or Dungeons and Dragons? See above. Captain Kirk or Captain Picard? See above or above that, you decide. What class of geek would you put yourself in e.g. video gamer, science, fantasy role player... Hmmm, I don't know. I obsess over joke ideas and magic tricks that I invent. Loner geek who plays Mr. Sociable onstage. Entrants for the Geek of the Year Awards are being asked to explain why they deserve to win it. If you were to enter, what argument would you put forth? I can talk about almost any given sentence from a comedian's act, longer than almost any other comedian.