With just over a week to go until Geek of the Year, we're storming on the interview front today, asking questions for the stereotypical geek and receiving answers for the unconventional geek. Here's our interview with one of the comedians on the lineup for the event, Carl Donnelly. What's your favourite cult film or series? If I had to pick a series it would be between Battlestar Galactica (the modern ones) and Dexter. I don’t like spending too long watching box sets as always feel guilty that I should be writing etc but both of those series made me throw any guilt out of the window and just watch endless amounts of episodes. My favourite film of all time is The Exorcist which I suppose would count as a cult film in the UK as it only got its first nationwide release 1998. I actually went to the first UK screening at the NFT. Are you a collector of any sort of memorabilia? I used to pick up the odd piece of horror film memorabilia but don’t bother anymore, I don’t have the room. I had a particular fondness for anything to do with the ‘Evil Dead’ Have you visited a shop like Forbidden Planet? What did you buy? As the answer to my previous question suggests, I have been to such shops. The only time I have been to one in recent times was when I was trying to find a Predator mask for a photo shoot. I did an Edinburgh show in 2008 called ‘Carl Donnelly Vs. John Robins Vs. Predator’ which had literally nothing to do with the film other than that the Predator appeared in the PR material! Who's your favourite comic book superhero and why? I was never a huge comic book fan and when I did read them, I actively avoided the big superheroes as was a pretentious little horror fan. The only comic I ever read for more than a couple of months was ‘Hellblazer’ so I’ll have to say my favourite comic book superhero (to use the term loosely) is its main character John Constantine. Star Wars or Star Trek? Will it upset people if I admit that I am not a fan of either? As mentioned above, horror has been my genre from a very young age so I always saw sci-fi as a distraction. There are a few sci-fi/horrors that I love (Alien, The Thing etc) but if it just a flat out sci-fi then I just find it boring I’m afraid. Warhammer or Dungeons and Dragons? See my answer to the Star Wars/Star Trek question. Fantasy is even further down the list of things I am into! Captain Kirk or Captain Picard? As I have limited experience of watching either, I’ll base it on the actors other films. In that case it has to go to Picard as he went on to be Professor Xavier whereas Kirk went on to star in ‘Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous’. What class of geek would you put yourself in e.g. video gamer, science, fantasy role player... I am definitely a horror geek. I grew up with a brother seven years my senior so when he was 14/15 and starting to get hold of 18-rated films, I got to watch them by default (by default I mean he had to let me watch them or I’d tell my mum on him) so from about the age of 8 I was watching films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th and so on. From day one I remember being hooked! Entrants for the Geek of the Year Awards are being asked to explain why they deserve to win it. If you were to enter, what argument would you put forth? I think my answer to the Star Wars/Star Trek officially disqualifies me from being a full on geek. However I would argue that I should get some sort of award for allowing my love of horror to convince me to watch ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ at the cinema. I thought the first film was rubbish but am such a horror fan, I still spent money going out to watch the follow up!